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At Cape we focus on managing civil cases. Our online service simplifies the case management process for our clients and makes it fast, affordable and efficient.

If you have a case you want to resolve, you can start it on our website and we'll walk you through your options.

  • Start with an official demand letter .
    If you’d like to resolve your case outside of court, we’ll prepare the demand letter and send it on your behalf. You will always have the option to go to court later on in case a settlement wasn't reached.

  • Take your case to court
    We will handle everything from start to finish: find the court that fits your case, prepare the court documents, and handle the filing. We will communicate with the court regarding your case, prepare you for representing yourself in the hearing and handle the serving of the court documents to the other party as required by law. Read more

    During the process, you'll have a personal case manager who will walk you through each one of the steps, and help you get the outcome you are looking for.

How to start a case with Cape?

  1. Go to our website and start the process by answering few questions so we can do a quick check to verify that we can work on your case.

  2. Review the offer and pay.

  3. Case building - Answer relevant questions to build your case and choose if you want to start with a demand letter or go directly to court.

    1. If you choose the attorney services, our lawyers will start working on your demand letter and send it to you for a review.

    2. If you choose to start with a demand letter and without an attorney, our professional team will draft the demand letter. You'll get a chance to review it before we send it to the other party.

    3. If you choose to go directly to court, you will:

      • Go through an online jurisdiction check.

      • Provide more information required for filing your case in court.

      • Pay the court fees.

      • Our team will work on filing the case, you'll get constant updates directly to your email or via SMS on the case status and your next steps.

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