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We know that going to court can be time-consuming and tedious. This is why Cape takes care of all the bureaucracy for you, so you can know you are in good hands. We are on your side by:

  • Finding the best court that fits your case, based on jurisdiction rules.

  • Preparing the court documents and filing to court.

  • Communicating with the court regarding the status of your case and the date of the hearing.

  • Preparing you to the hearing and providing all the important information you need.

  • Serving the court documents to the other party as required by law.

  • Monitoring the serving job, notifying you in real-time, and making sure that a new serving job is being processed if the previous one failed.

  • Personalized case management.

  • We’ll be on your side for a smart negotiation with the other party, at your demand & will.

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