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How will I know my final price?
How will I know my final price?

Learn about the costs of managing your case

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At Cape we pride ourselves on delivering excellent legal service, at an affordable and competitive price.

When you open a case with us, you pay us a service fee - either one time or recurring subscription. This administrative fee will cover our pre-trial features and service.

If you win your claim, and you chose to use our attorney service, you'll be asked to pay us 20% of your winnings. When calculating this payment - we'll deduct the service payments you already paid - so you won't pay extra.

For example,

  • You paid us for 3 months of service -$49 * 3 = $147

  • You won $2000 compensation from the other side, following a demand letter or court hearing.

  • The success fee will be $400 (20% of $2000). We'll deduct the payment of $147, so the total payment to Cape will be $253.

Important to note - Once you escalate your case to court, there are relevant court and serving fees which will be added to your charge (either through us or paid directly by yourself to the courthouse). Those won't be deducted from the final cost.

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