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How can I know if my case is eligible?
How can I know if my case is eligible?

Few things to check before you decide to sue or take legal actions

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Before deciding to take legal actions, it's important to understand the legal basis for your claim and the potential consequences. Here are 3 main questions you’ll need to check before going forward:

  1. Legal issue: Has the other party violated a legal right of yours? (for example: breach of contract or promise, poor service provided, tort, defamation, interference with your rights as a tenant, etc.)

  2. Damages: What is the value of the damages you suffered as a result of the legal violation?

  3. Evidence: Do you have evidence to support your claims?

If you have answers to all above questions, we will take it from here and will handle everything related to going to court: Jurisdiction check, documents preparation, court filing, and serving the other party.


This is not legal advice, is not meant to substitute consultation with an attorney, and reading this article does not create an attorney client relationship.


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