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Costs for starting a small claim case
Costs for starting a small claim case

What are the costs of managing your case with Cape

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At Cape we pride ourselves on delivering excellent legal service, at an affordable and competitive price.

To make it easy for your to start a case, without risking your money, we’ve built it with two parts:

  1. Service (commitment) fee - One time or recurring fee you are asked to pay once you open a case. This fee depends on the facts of your case and will cover our administrative costs and services.

  2. Success fee - Once you win your case, you will pay Cape 20% of the compensation you win. We’ll deduct the service payment you already paid to us from the total amount.

When you escalate your case to court, there are relevant additional fees:

  • Serving fees ($129) for serving the documents to the other party.

  • Handling fees ($39-$119).

  • Court fees (price depends on your jurisdiction) you will need to pay by law. To get an estimation for your court fees, use this court fees calculator:

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